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About Us

Wadaag Insurance is a leading multi-line Islamic insurance company in Africa serving customers in the local and international markets.

We offer a comprehensive, innovative, affordable, and bespoke range of insurance products including car, corporate, accident, goods in transit, and travel insurance to individuals, corporates, and the microfinance sector that readily match global standards. All of our insurance solutions are based on Islamic principles.

At Wadaag Insurance, we aspire to win customer trust by integrity, commitment, innovation, quality, and best customer service. Our team is always there to guide you and make the most informed choices for yourself and your loved ones. With us, you can find an insurance plan that best fits your needs, and enjoy peace of mind.

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Wadaag Insurance is a leading multi-line Islamic insurance company in Africa serving customers in the local and international markets.


 Health Insurance

When you want to provide financial security to those who matter most to you, life insurance services by Insurance Group is a good place to start.

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Motor Insurance

If you are looking for reliable insurance and protection on the road, there’s nothing better than our car insurance services. 

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 Travel Insurance

Wherever you're going on holiday, it’s always good to be confident in your safety. Get instant travel insurance cover from Insurance Group today.

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General Insurance


We protect you in more ways than you'd think. We'll include many coverages that do more than protect your physical structure.

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 Group Insurance

Providing large volume of business to insurance companies gives us greater bargaining power for clients, resulting in cheaper group rates

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Marine Cargo Insurance


Marine Cargo insurance that insures navigation of the sea or air or rail/road/inland waterway

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 Property Insurance

Property insurance provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire

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Our vision

To be the leading provider of Islamic insurance solutions in Africa and beyond, setting the standard for excellence while upholding our values. 

Our mission

Deliver comprehensive, innovative, and Sharia-compliant insurance products to individuals, businesses, and the microfinance sector. Build trust through integrity, commitment, and exceptional customer service.

Our values

Integrity, Commitment, Innovation, Quality, Customer Service. 

Discover why 10,000 individuals have entrusted Wadaag Insurance with their health, car, and property needs 

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